Back Bay Church Discussion

Please watch this video for more information on Adam and Back Bay Church.

Contact the church office for questions.   Thanks for watching!

0:00 Why plant a church? Chris King (audio improves at 0:31)

6:01 Updates from Michael Benson -Green Light from State Church Planting Network -GCBA and State partnership -Provisional Advisory Board (PAB)

10:27 Call for prayer

12:40 J B Perrine -PAB

14:40 Appeal for Gospel work from JB

15:24 Chris King

17:18 Proposed motion for discussion Questions

22:50 How have other churches gone through this process?

23:56 Adam

26:50 Where will Back Bay Meet?

30:46 Where are we with transition plans? When will we look for a new student pastor?

34:52 Call for Prayer

35:30 Are any other churches helping thus far?